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Important updates regarding Scholarship Exam


परत पहिल्या पानाकडे


स्कॉलरशिप परीक्षा २०१४
ऑनलाईन फॉर्म उपलब्ध झाला आहे.

  1. This site www.mahaedutechnet.org is a private site providing scholarship exam related resources. The official site of "Maharashtra Pariksha Parishad" is http://www.mscepune.in. The information in this box is  extracted from http://www.mscepune.in. Please contact "Maharashtra Pariksha Parishad" for any queries regarding filling the forms and other administrative issues.

  2. Scholarship Exam 2014 will be conducted on 23rd March 2014.

  3. Students wishing to enroll on their own (without school's assistance) need to visit respective block educational officer (Taluka level)/educational officer (ZP, primary section)/Administrative officer (municipal council) for further details.

  4. Notifications regarding the exam are available on the official site of Maharashtra Pariksha Parishad http://www.mscepune.in

  5. Above information is aslo extracted from http://www.mscepune.in.

  6. Link to fill up online form for STD 4 scholarship exam : http://mscepune.in/gcc/frmMssOnline.aspx

  7. Link to fill up online form for STD 7 scholarship exam : http://mscepune.in/gcc/frmHssOnline.aspx

  8. pdf files with explanation regarding filling the forms NEW

    1. mss_form_help2.pdf (for std 4 scholarship form)

    2. hss_form_help2.pdf (for std 7scholarship form)
      These files are designed by MahaEduTechNet for assisting parents who want to fill the online forms for the scholarship exam. Although we have tried to provide correct information, this site is not responsible for any issues generated during filling up the forms. In case of any doubt, parents are advised to consult respective schools.

स्कॉलरशिप परीक्षा २०१३

  1. गुणपडताळणी अर्जाचा नवा नमुना

  2. गुणपडताळणी अर्ज १५ जुलै २०१३ च्या आधी दाखल करायचा आहे.

  3. उत्तरपत्रिकेची छायाप्रत (झेरॉक्स) मिळण्यासाठीचा अर्जदेखील वरील अर्जात आहे.


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