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Parents'/Students' feedback


परत पहिल्या पानाकडे


Feedbacks (Year 2012-13)

Feedback 10 (Parent)New

Dear team,

My son Master Tejas Shivaji Borade Roll no. H3141580036 has secured 238 out of 300 in current year 2013 Scholar ship exam. He has used CD from MahaEduTechNet.


with regards,
Shivaji Borade

Feedback 9 (Parent)New

To MahaEduTechNet

My Son Mst. Aaradhya G Deotale has scored 232 and is thus Qualified for the Scholarship. I am very happy that I came across this website which gave way to Mindmaps and hence better remembrance of topics . 

Thank you very much and please keep doing this great work. Thousands of students are surely going to benefit from this site. 

Samiksha Deotale

M/o Mst Aaradhya Deotale

Feedback 8 (Parent)New


Dear Sir,
My daughter Shreya Sarkar appeared for the MSS exam (4th standard). Her result for the exam is as given below.
I would like to thank you for your website. Which helped me to guide in her studies.
Marks - 256/300

- Prabir Sarkar


Feedback 7 (Parent)New


आमची मुलगी कु. मुक्ता परांजपे इ. ४ थीच्या शिष्यवृत्ती परीक्षेला बसली होती. तिला ३०० पैकी २७२ गुण मिळाले व ती शिष्यवृत्तीस पात्र ठरली. परीक्षेचा अभ्यास करताना तिला माईंड मॅप्सचा अतिशय उपयोग झाला. (तिने परीक्षेनंतर सांगीतलेल्या माहितीनुसार) तिला इतिहास/भूगोल/ना. शास्त्र विभागात ३० पैकी ३० तर सा. विज्ञान विभागात ३० पैकी २८ गुण मिळाले. आम्ही सर्व माईंडमॅप्स चे प्रिंट आउटस काढले होते. तिने ३ ते ४ वेळा सर्व माईंड मॅप्स आमच्याबरोबर अभ्यासले होते.


इ. ३ री पासूनच आम्ही शिष्यवृत्ती परीक्षेचा अभ्यास सुरु केला होता. त्यामुळे ४ थीच्या वर्षात अधिकाधिक प्रश्नपत्रिका तिला सोडविता आल्या. अवांतर वाचनामुळे तिला भाषा विषय सोपा गेला. वाक्प्रचार, म्हणी, अलंकारिक शब्द यांचा वेगळा अभ्यास तिला करावा लागला नाही.


NSTSE (Unified Council) या परीक्षेला ती इ. दुसरीपासून बसते आहे. त्याचाही खूप फायदा झाला.



Feedback 6 (Parent)New


Nidhi Nitin Chavan Roll No. M1263030150 has scored 214 Marks in IV std scholarship exam 2013.
We are thankful  Mahaedutech team for the support and the study material. 


Feedback 5 (Parent)New

Respected Sir,

My son Master Shardul Sandeep Dalvi, St. Joseph High School, Wadala
appeared for the Middle School Scholarship Exam 2013 and has been
included in the list of Scholarship Award. I bought CD - DVD set from
you last year and he was benefitted by your well explained tutorials.
Every thing in the CD and DVD were tried by him and he loved the
method of solving the problems of Maths and I.T. I am very much
Thankful to you for such a great hard work from your team. Although
he couldn't score as we had expected from him because of some silly
mistake like he made marking continueous 10 questions wrong due to
skip of 1 Answer inadvertantly. He could fetch only 236 Marks but
has been selected for Scholarship (Mumbai - South) . The last
eligible student has got 210 Marks from South Mumbai.

Thank You Once Again for the information shared by you and Keep it Up.....
(Sandeep B. Dalvi)


Feedback 4 (Parent)New

Dear Sir,

My daughter Miss Ishita Sanjay Narkar, has used your CD for her preparation of 4th Scholarship 2013.

She has secured 246 marks out of 300 and qualified for Scholarship.
I Myself and my family,and daughter, are thankful for CD. Your CD is very much useful for Scholarship exam. Your video tutor works as a expert teacher. I am very much thankful for your research, efforts to prepare software and your website is alos very much useful.

Thanks & Regards

Sanjay Narkar


Feedback 3 (Parent)New

i had purchased your CD for my daughter, Chinmayi Savarkar. I am happy to inform you that she has got scholarship with a score of 248.
Thanks a lot. your CD was very useful. she enjoyed solving papers, topicwise tests only because of the CD. she had not joined any classes, but u were the best resource. the set of old question papers, difficult questions with solutions and the mind maps were really very useful.
Thanks alot. u r doing a great job, providing all the necessary material/information for scholarship exams.

- Madhavi Savarkar


Feedback 2 (Parent)New


Respected Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your Mind Map Notes. That are very much helpful.

Thanks & Regards,
Mrs. Manjusha Bhosle


Feedback 1 (Parent)New


mali sadashiv

Atharv Mali from Sangli  272 marks 10th in Dist list

Thanks to mahaeducate team

Feedbacks (Year 2011-12)


ठाणे येथील सरस्वती मंदिर प्राथमिक शाळेचा विद्यार्थी आदित्य अनंत कोरे याने २०१०/११ या शैक्षणिक वर्षात पूर्व माध्यमिक शाळा शिष्यवृत्ती परीक्षेत ३०० पैकी २६० गुण मिळवून ठाणे जिल्ह्यात १८ वा येण्याचा मान मिळविला आहे. निकाल जाहिर झल्यानंतर त्याला इंग्रजी विषयात ६६ गुण होते. आदित्यच्या पालकांनी गुणपडताळणीची मागणी केल्यानंतर त्याला या विषयात ९० गुण मिळाले आहेत.

कु. आदित्य अनंत कोरे याने महाएज्युटेकनेट स्कॉलरशिप सीडीचा वापर केला होता, आणि त्याची वर्षभरातील कामगिरी समक्ष पाहिली असल्याने आदित्यच्या यशाबद्दल त्याच्या पालकांना खात्री होती. आदित्यचे हार्दिक अभिनंदन!

Aditya Anant Kore, a student of Saraswati Mandir Primary School stood 18th in Primary Scholarship Exam 2011 (STD 4) in Thane district. He scored 260/300 marks. After the declaration of result, Aditya was given 66 marks in English. After re-evaluation, his marks were rectified to 90.

Aditya was a user of MahaEduTechNet scholarship CD. His parents had seen his progress themselves and they were confident about Aditya's success. MahaEduTechNet team congratulates Aditya.

Feedback 5 (Parent)


Team Maheedutechnet / Mr. Atul Vaidya, 
I had purchased a CD version for middle school Scholarships exam Std. 4 for my kid and he is using that CD. I found that he operates that CD and learn the all the language test modules very well. I gave him some papers which are given on your portal for the previous year i found that he is answering almost 90% correct answers. I also review your new apps for std 4th History (Marathi) notes on the portal and impressed very much. 

I request you whenever you upload any new updates/versions kindly let us know through the e mailer or SMS activity so we can visit the to the portal and update the our installed software.Also whenever you post the new test please update us.   

I once again sincerely thankful to you and your team who are taking the great efforts and provide us ( parent & student ) such valuable guidelines for such competitive exams.  

Upendra Shukla

Feedback 4 (Parent)

Dear Sir,
Best achievement by my son Nirmal Pawankumar Laddha, 17th merit in pre middle school scholarship examination 2012 in Buldana district urban division. (252 marks out of 300 )This is because of your software and his school teacher. 

Thanking you 


Pawankumar Laddha

Gandhinagar,Chikhli-443201 Dist Bulana

Feedback 3 (Parent)
Dear Sir,

My daughter Miss Akanksha Rajendra Deogharkar, has used your CD for her preparation of Middle School Scholarship 2012.

She has secured 262 marks and stood 16th in Thane District Merit List.

Myself alongwith my family and daughter, are thankful for your value added guidance through your CD.

Thanks & Regards

Rajendra Deogharkar


Feedback 2 (Student)

yash ketkar ypk11xi99@gmail.com

About informing sucsess in high school scholorship exam

I have got 268 marks out of 300 in high school scholarship exam and I stood 7th in district and 10th in state.I used mahaedutechnet CDs and they were very useful.

Feedback 1 (Parent)


माझी मुलगी कु. संयुजा टिळक खाडे हिने आपली इ. ४ थी स्कॉलरशिप सराव सीडी वापरली होती. तिला परीक्षेमध्ये ३०० पैकी २६० गुण मिळाले आहेत. आपली सीडी स्कॉलरशिप परीक्षेच्या तयारीसाठी निश्चितच उपयुक्त आहे.


टिळक उमाजी खाडे, 
माध्य. शिक्षक, सुएसो हायस्कूल वांगणी, ता. रोहा, रायगड.


संपर्क cyberedutech@gmail.com