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Dear Parents,

Thanks for your overwhelming response to our website and to make us the most popular private website providing free useful resources for 4th and 7th scholarship exams conducted by Maharashtra State Council of Examination.

We are also thankful to those parents, who upon viewing our website, purchase our scholarship software. Because, without this support, it would not have been possible for us to sustain and continuously provide free resources on our website.
As many of the parents, who visit our website, always enquire with us about our software, we take this opportunity to explain the overall  features of our scholarship software.
The scholarship software is available for three mediums separately.

The software includes,

This software does not require Internet for its regular usage. It comes in a CD/DVD format and is separately installable.
Support through our website :

‘Prashna-Vedh’:- Normally, for those parents providing  personal guidance  to their children’s scholarship related studies, sometimes there occur some difficulties in explaining the answers to difficult questions or while explaining difficult topics. So ‘Prashna-Vedh’ is our solution for this.
It will be available to all those who register for it through our website.

Registered users can email us queries, difficult questions and our experts will answer the queries. You can even post us your questions.
Presently the registration is free, but conditions apply.

Throughout this year, all the additional content or resources that we may create, like worksheets, videos, programs for practice, etc., useful for  4th or 7th scholarship exams, will be made available on our website.

For further information, email us at or call us on 9272 74 32 12.

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