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MahaEduTechNet is an organization working in 'technology aided education' for last 15 years. The journey began in 1998. The first project undertaken by the organization was 'providing computer education in schools'. Computers in school was a novel concept at that time and very few schools had computers.

Schools under this project were mainly Marathi medium schools. MahaEduTechNet did some pioneering work in this arena. It was started from finding Marathi fonts as Indian language fonts was a little-known thing at that time. After finding fonts, team-members started developping software programs for teaching computer technology. Sanganak Gatha was one such program that had audio-visual tour of computer internals. Marathi typing tutor was another program that was made for practicing 'Marathi typing' on the computer.

During the next phase various educational programs were developped. These included 'Map reading practice', 'Computerized testing tools', 'Audio visual tutor tools' etc. In 2004, first version of 'Scholarship CD' was published. It had computerized testing program with result and analysis. In all these years many modules are added to the program. These included 'Practice sessions', 'Mind Maps', 'Video tutors' etc.

Core Team MahaEduTechNet

Atul Vaidya : Atul has completed graduation in electronics engineering from Mumbai University in 1992. He looks after business administrative tasks in organization's operations.

Mandar Paranjpe : Mandar has completed graduation in electronics engineering from Mumbai University in 1996. He looks after content and technology development in organization's operations.

Sunil Patil : Sunil is a hardware and networking professional. Sunil looks after customer support.


संपर्क cyberedutech@gmail.com