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STD 10 (SSC) Exam Resources (Math Videos/Sci Notes)


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Here are some rules regarding the evolution pattern that will be followed for March 2013 exam.

Math Videos

  • Following table contains links to pages which contain topicwise/markwise sample questions.

  • Each question is a hyperlink. When you click on that hyperlink, you will be taken to a YouTube video that contains the solution with explaination of that question.

  • These videos are explanatory rather than illustrative. That means they do not give you 'model answers', but its a sort of 'think aloud' type thing in which teacher is solving the problem in front of you.

  • The main aim is to give insights to the students in the process of question solving that are rarely found in printed solutions.

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1) Arithmatic Progressions/Geometric Progressions 1) Similarity
2) Quadratic Equations 2) Circle
3) Equations in two variables 3) Trigonometry
4) Probability 4) Geometric constructions
5) Statistics 5) Coordinate geometry
    6) Surface area and volume

Science Notes...



1) The elcetric spark
2) All about magnetism
3) Wonders of light (part I and II) (includes 'human eye' which is from biology)


1) School of elements
2) The magic of chemical reactions
3) The acid base chemistry
4) Understanding metals and non-metals
5) Amazing world of carbon compounds


1) Life's internal secrets
2) The regulators of life
3) The life cycle
4) Mapping our genes

Here are some rules regarding the evolution pattern that will be followed for March 2013 exam.


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