ही साईट 1024 गुणीले 768 किंवा त्याहून अधिक रिझॉल्युशनमध्ये सर्वोत्तमप्रकारे पाहता येईल


STD 10 Chemistry Precompetency


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शिष्यवृत्ती परीक्षांच्या अभ्यासासाठी सीडी-रॉम (CD for the preparation of scholarship exams)

  • Ability to write chemical formulae of ionic compounds is a fundamental chemistry skill.

  • In std 10 many chemical equations are there to be formed, written and balanced (Types of Chemical Reactions, Acid/Bases, Metals/Non-metals.

  • Students need to apply their STD 9 pre-knowledge of atomic structures, electrons configuration and valencies.

  • This pre-competency kit provides an interactive solution for the same.

  • The kit is FREE (for now) on internet.

  • If you want a CD+Paper version call us on 9272 743 212.

  • We're waiting your feedbacks (about the kit) at cyberedutech@gmail.com. Do give feedbacks. That helps us to serve you better.

  • Download this pdf activity sheet and get a printout. Solve this along with watching videos.



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