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Scholarship Exam Resources : STD 4 (Maths)


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New Practice sessions
1) Numbers 1 - 100 : This practice session enables students to remember different characteristics of numbers from 1 to 100 like divisibility, odd-even properties, prime numbers etc. Knowing these characteristics prove very vital in scholarship exams. (Link - numbers1-100.exe)

2) Units - tens - hundreds : This practice session enables students to remember place values of digits and to express given numbers in different forms. (Link - uth.exe)

3) Two digit numbers : Reading, writing and comparing two digit numbers. (Link - two_digit_numbers.exe)

4) Three digit numbers : Reading, writing and comparing three digit numbers. (Link - Three_Digits_Numbers.exe)

Practice sessions
Here are some glimpses of our CD-programs. Download the zip file given below and extract it. Following files will be present. Find this program at 4thschPracticeSessions.zip













Mental Math Program

Mental math capabilities prove very vital in any competitive exam.

This program provides stage for preparing for this skills.

Find this program at MentalMath.zip

Program for Maths Tables

Mathematical tables from 2 to 30 forms a good base for mental maths.

This program helps students remember these tables in an interesting interactive way. (English version)

(New version will be uploaded shortly)

Solutions to some trying questions in previous exams

Here are solutions to some tricky and trying questions. Around 10% to 20% questions in IT & Maths papers fall in this category (more so in case of STD 7 papers). Download these pdf files to get an idea.
(To download these files, right click on the link and select 'save link as' option.)

Past Papers

2003 Maths.pdf 2005 Maths.pdf 2006 Maths.pdf 2007 Maths.pdf 2008 Maths.pdf 2009 Maths.pdf
2011 Maths.pdf          



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